Riots ensue after mentally ill man is killed in front of his mother by police

A Black man who has been described as “mentally ill” by his loved ones, was shot fatally by Philadelphia police on the afternoon of Oct. 26, according to multiple sources. The victim, Walter Wallace, looked to be in a heated argument with police when the incident turned fatal. Flanked by his mother, who attempted with […]

Black man beaten by cops for walking on wrong side of the road (video)

A Black man was beaten by police for reportedly walking on the wrong side of the road. The incident occurred in Hamilton County, Tennessee, on May 23, 2020, according to police dashcam video and WRCB. Someone called the police on Reginald Arrington Jr., 32, because he was allegedly walking in a community and asking questions. […]

These 2 teams have the most violent rivalry in the NFL 

By all accounts, this past Monday Night Football game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers will be remembered for its level of playing field brutality in the NFL. It started a few minutes into the game when Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier made a tackle leading with the crown of his helmet, suffered an agonizing […]

Police union wants to force Donald Trump to reverse ban on racial profiling

Blacks and other minorities could face more harassment from law enforcement if a police union can convince Donald Trump to reverse a ban on racial profiling. The National Fraternal Order of Police issued a statement on several policy proposals for President-elect Trump. One of the policies that the union wants to reverse is the ban […]

Police will not release body cam video of Keith Lamont Scott’s killing

The killing of Keith Lamont Scott was captured on video, but police will not release the footage. According to Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney, Scott’s shooting was captured on police officer’s body cameras. Putney fabricated when he claimed that it was against the state’s law to release the footage because it requires a court order. […]

Black therapist Charles Kinsey shot by police while helping autistic man

Another innocent Black man has been shot by police officers. The incident occurred on July 18 in North Miami. It was recorded on a cel phone. The cellphone video shows Black caretaker Charles Kinsey attempting to bring a young autistic man back to an assisted living facility. The autistic patient sat down in the middle […]

Woman severely bites man’s penis during attempted gang rape

jail cell

A woman decided to fight back after she was attacked by a group of men. According to reports by Courier Picard, the attack occurred at an apartment in Amiens, France. At some point, three men attempted to rape the 30-year-old woman. A man tried to force the woman to perform a sex act and the […]

Police savagely beat and tase entire Hispanic family for loud music

The Police Department of Baytown, Texas, has sparked outrage over the brutal beating of a Hispanic family last weekend. Dozens of people took to the street this past Sunday to protest the event, which occurred on May 3, 2014. According to family members and eyewitnesses, the family was simply having a birthday party, watching the […]

Louisiana police force their way into black man’s home

Another chapter has been added to the “Police Gone Wild” news that seems to be sweeping the country. This time the event occurred in Jefferson Parish, La. Donrell Breaux, 26, was arrested by a deputy shown in the video who seems to be forcibly entering a private home. The deputy has out a pair of […]

Police dash-cam video catches pistol-whipping cop in action

What is it with the police these days? Once again, a police department has released footage of an officer behaving badly. This time the city is Dallas, Texas, and the officer involved is Rene Villanueva The deputy was working an off duty job when Ambrosio Monsavais, bumped anther off duty officer  with his car. What […]