ESPN kills 2 birds with 1 stone replacing Sage Steele

Technically, she wasn’t fired. At least not as of today, ESPN hasn’t fired Sage Steele; they’ve only replaced her with Michelle Beadle on “NBA Countdown,” which includes coverage that goes all the way to the NBA Finals. It has been reported that due to the shift of audiences in large numbers gathering their sports news […]

Chicago State University students stage walk out and shut down major expressway

The spirit of discontent continues to linger in the streets of Chicago and the youth continue to rise to the occasion. Students from Chicago State University staged a walk out recently and took their movement to save the school to the streets. They managed to shut down the Dan Ryan Expressway, one of the main […]

America’s 10 largest banks get more from taxpayers than sequester cuts

On March 1, unless something happens inside the Beltway that has not happened in the past five years — compromise and cooperation, President Obama will officially order the “sequestration” — an across-the-board set of budget cuts totaling $1.2 trillion from defense and non-defense spending over the course of the next 10 years. The funny thing […]

What sequestration means for African Americans

In nine days, the U.S. government enact automatic spending cuts due to what is called sequestration. Specifically speaking, the sequester refers to the drastic and severe budget cuts that are set to happen on March 1 if the White House and Congress cannot not find some common ground on the budget. For African Americans, it […]

Rochelle Ballantyne: The World’s 1st Black Female Chess Master

Brooklyn Castle is a documentary about a team of unlikely middle school chess players, and in the film a star is born, Rochelle Ballantyne, 17, who is poised to becomethe world’s first black female chess master. Ballantyne’s late grandmother introduced her to chess, and encouraged the teen to become a chess master. “When I first […]

Mathematics Adviser Eboni Wells Takes Upward Bound to Detroit Public Schools

In Detroit public schools, where the scandals, perils and dire conditions are all too well known and are reportedly regularly on the national news to the astonishment of Americans across the country, we knew there were still some diamonds in the rough, with hidden but exceptional qualities and brilliant futures. Eboni Wells of Upward Bound, […]

The 12-Point Plan for Urban Economic Recovery

“This recession is the worst we’ve faced since the Great Depression. It has had a debilitating impact on America’s urban communities and on America’s communities of color,” Morial said.