50 Cent denies he bullied Naturi Naughton

Rapper 50 Cent is coming back hard at haters who say he is figuratively cannibalizing a member of his own “Power” team, actress Naturi Naughton, who helped catapult the cable series to cultural icon status. Naughton took great umbrage when Fifty reposted a photo of her side-by-side with a hideous photo of Goro from Mortal […]

Naturi Naughton blasts 50 Cent for constantly bullying her on social media

Naturi Naughton has had enough of her boss and “Power” co-star, 50 Cent. Naughton received another vicious dose of 50 Cent’s online bullying on Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019, when 50 Cent posted an image on Twitter which compared Naughton to a monster from the video game “Mortal Kombat.” The image came weeks after 50 Cent […]

Creating a kindness revolution

Most people know that there is a fine line between laughing with someone, laughing at someone and purposely making fun of another person at their expense. For as long as I can remember, telling offensive jokes has been considered good entertainment. Comedians make fun of ethnicities, different religions, and people of different sexual orientations. That […]

‘Empire’ star Malik Yoba admits he loves transgender women

While former “Empire” star Malik Yoba blasted bullies who tormented a man who loved transgender women to the point where he committed suicide, Yoba admitted that he’s attracted to transgender women himself. In an Instagram post rebuking bullies, Yoba, who’s also known for starring in “New York Undercover” and the Why Did I Get Married? […]

Jordyn Woods’ mother praises her in social media post

Jordyn Woods has lost the “majority of her friends.” The 21-year-old model famously fell out with her best pal Kylie Jenner and the rest of her family earlier this year when she shared a kiss with Khloé Kardashian’s then-boyfriend Tristan Thompson, but it’s not just the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” stars who she can […]

Inspired by bullying, Schembri twins launch modeling careers

Cherelle Scott of The Snappy Diva

Twins Beverly-Claire JoAnn and Madeleine Butigieg Schembri are featured in their first ad campaign just a few weeks after signing with the Atlanta division of bmg Talent. The rising fifth graders will be the faces of P. Sherrod & Co’s summer campaign, which was conceptualized and shot by Fatima Michon Photography. “These girls are beautiful, […]

Angry mom threatens bullying kids and parents with ‘these hands’ (video)

Bullying in school has reached critical mass in the United States. Over the past year, stories of children as young as 10 taking their lives in response to being bullied or it even being the motive for a school shooting have filled the news. It has become an issue that has frustrated parents and consequently, […]

Janelle Monae hopes new project will spark conversation about bullying

Janelle Monae is speaking up about bullying. She voices the shy and smart Mandy in the upcoming animated movie UglyDolls. Monáe hopes  UglyDolls sparks conversations between parents and their children. She wants to see the film make adults reflect on their own childhood experiences and reassure their kids who have been on the receiving end  “of abuse” — or to find out […]

Jordyn Woods shares what being bullied has taught her

Jordyn Woods has spoken out for the first time about her alleged involvement in the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal following her “Red Table Talk” interview. During her Easter holiday trip to Lagos, Nigeria, Woods participated in a panel discussion where she opened up about the Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson drama. In some video clips […]

Boy, 10, commits suicide after bullying over colostomy bag

The parents of Seven Bridges, 10, called him a miracle child because of his difficult birth and medically fragile condition. Now they are burying their son after he took his own life. Tami Charles was told by doctors that she was unable to have children. But all of that changed in 2008 when Seven was born. Seven […]

White teenager threatens to sell Black female students into slavery

A White teenager received a slap on the wrist after threatening to sell two Black girls into slavery. The incident occurred at the Horizon Christian School in Indianapolis, according to WRTV. Imani Wortham and LaShanti Duncan were both being bullied so relentlessly that they did not want to attend school. They eventually told their parents […]

Angry Florida mom blinds daughter’s bullies with kitchen spices

Bullying is a national epidemic that not only affects the victim but often the victims’ families. Many parents become frustrated when school officials seem unwilling or unable to stop the abuse of their child. But one mom in Cocoa, Florida, grew so frustrated that she took matters into her own hands and now is facing […]

Queen Naija being slammed for multiple dark skin comments (video)

The more that YouTube sensation Queen Naija tried to untangle herself from the colorism web, the more she seemed to get herself twisted up like a pretzel — and Black Twitter was there to steamroll her into the pavement. Queen Naija, 22, has been getting crushed on the regular ever since she produced a YouTube […]

10-year-old girl kills herself after being bullied on social media

Parents in Aurora, Colorado are in mourning after their daughter, Ashawnty Davis, 10, hung herself after being bullied. Her parents told local news station KDVR that their daughter got into a fight some two weeks ago after standing up to another girl who was bullying her at Sunrise Elementary School in Aurora. It was the first […]

Grave of bullied boy who hanged himself opened for tablet computer

In January 2017, Gabriel Taye, 8, was a victim of a vicious attack by school bullies at Carson Elementary School in Cincinnati, Ohio. The locker room assault on the third-grade student left him unconscious and was captured on school surveillance video. The boys who attacked him are seen kicking and prodding him for at least […]

Black girl called ape and slave by racist bullies, school does nothing

A Texas father is angry over the racist bullying received by his daughter at a predominantly Hispanic school. Robert Ranco is a personal injury and civil rights attorney who stated that his 12-year-old daughter has been subjected to repeated incidents of bullying at the Tippit Middle School in Georgetown, Texas. The school located north of Austin […]

Anti-bullying activist arrested for assaulting elderly Trump supporter

In  2011, Shacara McLaurin was bullied and attacked by classmates. That incident led her to become an anti-bullying advocate for Stomp Out Bullying, an initiative that targets young people who are being bullied. Now she is being charged with the very thing she advocates against after she allegedly assaulted a 73-year-old man at a rally on […]

Chicago’s Raymond Smith introduces ‘Ray-Ray’ who defies bullies, bad behavior

Raymond R. Smith, a native of Chicago, has been an avid reader since he was  preschooler. The Chicago Public School teacher found he could relate to his students through reading and stories of his childhood which spurred knowledge, wisdom and understanding. He penned the Righteous Ray-Ray Children’s Book Series whose main character is Ray-Ray. Alongside his fellow fifth graders, Ray-Ray stands up […]

Mom claims racism over daughter’s rope burns on school trip

A  Black mother in Waco, Texas is outraged after her daughter came home from a school trip with rope burns around her neck. Sandy Rougley sent her daughter on an overnight school trip with her sixth grade classmates last month. During the trip, according to school officials a rope was mistakenly wrapped around her daughter’s […]

50 Cent one-ups Martin Shkreli’s autism donation

50 Cent was in major hot water with the autism community earlier this week when he posted a video of himself unknowingly mocking an autistic teenager. Not surprisingly, 50 had to eat his words and apologize for the goof up. However, 50’s scandal ended up inspiring fellow public villain Martin Shkreli to donate money to […]