Dr. Harris shows you how keeping off the weight leads to a higher income

Obesity is an epidemic in this country. It often leads to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Studies show that women who are in better shape tend to make more money than women who aren’t. It has nothing to do with the skill set. Employers view unhealthy workers as a risk. [jwplatform 0JY0wPAu]

4 Deadly Diseases That Kill Blacks Disproportionately: How to Beat the Odds

When it comes to facing and fighting  life-threatening health issues, black men and women are often at the top of the hit list for America’s most lethal diseases. Due to a number of factors, including environmental pollutants, diet, lifestyle, genetics, access to health care, and even some cultural hurdles that impede those with access to health […]

New Study Shows Vitamin D Reduces Heart Risk in African Americans

Researchers have just announced findings that show the health benefits for African Americans to supplement their diet with Vitamin D. The study demonstrates that supplements of vitamin D reduces African Americans’ cardiovascular risk by improving the health of blood vessels. These are major findings given that African Americans traditionally have greater risk for cardiovascular disease […]