Find out why Megan Thee Stallion went on a social media tear

One thing Megan Thee Stallion is not going to do is hold back, especially when it comes to her music. On Aug. 22, it was reported that Megan was seeking $1 million in damages and reportedly wants to go to court to end her relationship with the label. It didn’t take long for J Prince […]

Martina Marie is not Megan Thee Stallion, and that’s OK

Martina Marie’s new single “Daddy” played through Dezyna House of Productions in downtown Atlanta on Jan. 15, 2022. The artist eventually walked into the venue rocking a silver jacket over a plain white tee, a blue bucket hat to match her blue bag and a “1501” chain. Marie was part of a trio of 1501 […]

How Carl Crawford went from baseball star to rising mogul in music

Carl Crawford went from professional baseball player to the man responsible for the success of Megan Thee Stallion, one of music’s biggest stars, in two years. On Jan. 15, 2022, at Dezyna House Studios in downtown Atlanta, he was hoping to break two more artists. Martina Marie and D-Raww walked into the venue as a […]

Carl Crawford finally opens up about double drowning at his mansion

Former Major League Baseball star Carl Crawford is opening up about double drowning that happened a week ago in the backyard of his Houston home. TMZ broke the story that a 25-year-old woman and a little boy she was watching for the day had drowned during a small gathering on Sunday, May 17, 2020. Sometime […]

Woman, boy drown at home of ex-MLB star Carl Crawford

Tragedy has struck at former Major League Baseball star Carl Crawford’s home near Houston as a woman and small boy drowned in his backyard pool on Saturday, May 16, 2020. Crawford, who retired from baseball and now owns the independent music label that has produced Megan Thee Stallion, hosted a small gathering at his palatial […]

What happened when Megan Thee Stallion sued her record company

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion has made the first big chess move in her legal battle with her record company, 1501 Certified Entertainment, that will enable her to release her new music to the public. The femme fatale femcee, who was born Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, fired up a Harris County district courtroom in Houston with […]

Evelyn Lozada retains pricey keepsake from Carl Cawford

Despite being a single woman again, Evelyn Lozada is reportedly holding on to a keepsake from her engagement. As previously reported, the “Basketball Wives” star and her baby daddy, Major League Baseball star Carl Crawford, split in February after Lozada allegedly procured evidence that Crawford was cheating on her. And while Crawford’s team is remaining mum […]

Details on ‘BBWLA’ Evelyn Lozada and her split from baseball baby daddy

Less than a year ago, “Basketball Wives LA” star Evelyn Lozada seemed smitten with Carl Crawford, the former Los Angeles Dodgers slugger she had her latest child with. However, now you probably can’t remember the last time you’ve seen Lozada and Crawford together in public or even heard Lozada mention her baller boyfriend. This is because the two […]

Evelyn Lozada reveals heartbreaking news

Before 2013, Evelyn Lozada’s life was full of chaos as she dealt with a menacing reputation thanks to her “Basketball Wives” role and the fall of her abusive marriage with her ex-husband, Chad Johnson. But after years of turmoil, Lozada found her slice of happiness in life as she met and got engaged to Los […]

Is Chad Johnson welcome at Evelyn Lozada’s wedding?

It’s been years since that infamous night when Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson’s marriage was torn apart after Johnson head butted Lozada as the former married couple argued in their car. Since then, the couple has split and completely moved on with their respective lives. But have the pair moved on enough for Lozada to […]

Evelyn Lozada’s fiancé loses major legal battle with kids’ mother

Things between Evelyn Lozada and her fiancé, Carl Crawford, may be peachy, but things couldn’t further from peaceful between Crawford and his other baby’s mama. According to a new report, he just suffered a major loss in his ongoing court battle with her. According to the, Crawford and his baby’s mama, Amy Freeman, have […]

Evelyn Lozada’s baby, Carl Leo Jr., cuddles with big sister, Shaniece

He’s a big boy now! New photos of Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford’s adorable son Carl Leo Jr. surface on Instagram. Yesterday, Lozada shared the above image of her sprouting tot, rocking a huge smile in his brand new Jereny Scott for Moschino t-shirt. The caption read… “This guy! I think @itsjeremyscott would appreciate this […]

Evelyn Lozada says Chad Johnson can’t compete with her husband

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson haven’t been civil with each other in years, ever since the couple divorced in 2012 after Johnson attacked Lozada. And although Johnson continuously claims that he still loves Lozada, she repeatedly rejects Johnson and has seemingly moved on to her fiancé, Dodgers star Carl Crawford. In a recent interview with […]

Evelyn Lozada shares 1st photos of baby Leo

Evelyn Lozada shares photos of her son Evelyn Lozada finally gives us a peek of her new bundle of joy, Leo. Recently, the “Basketball Wives” star posted the photo below of herself and baby Leo puckered up for a kiss. Baby Leo is absolutely adorable, dressed in a simple white tee, overalls and Timberland boots. […]

Evelyn Lozada shows off post-baby body

Evelyn Lozada shows off post-baby body  Just three weeks after giving birth, Evelyn Lozada is showing off her post- baby body. The basketball wife and betrothed to Carl Crawford welcomed a baby boy March 22 and named him Carl Leo. Earlier this week, the 37-year-old showed off her striking slim down via Instagram. “Get ready ladies! […]

Chad Ochocinco on why he can’t stay faithful to just 1 woman

Former NFL star Chad Ochocinco continues to speak out about his love for his ex-wife, reality star Evelyn Lozada, despite the fact that she has moved on with L.A. Dodger Carl Crawford. Recently, the troubled footballer sat down with Peter Bailey for NiteCap, where he discussed a variety of platforms, including his ex-wife Lozada, his […]

Evelyn Lozada shares new photo of her growing baby bump

Recently, “Basketball Wives” Evelyn Lozada got all glammed up for a meeting, where the 38-year-old reality star showcased her rather large baby bump in a pretty snakeskin printed maxi dress. Lozada, who is just about 7 months pregnant with her second child, is a great style inspiration when it comes to mixing casual to high […]

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