Is Madison Keys the next American tennis star?

Is Madison Keys the next American tennis star? (Photo by Derrel Jazz Johnson for Steed Media Service)

“I think right now Madison is probably leading the pack with the new young Americans doing well,” Serena Williams said of 21-year old tennis player Madison Keys, joining a group of tennis pundits who believe in Keys’ potential. Is Keys the next American tennis superstar?” Rolling out had the opportunity to ask Keys what she […]

Caroline Wozniacki seeks advice from bestie Serena Williams

(Photo by Lisa Murray/ When Caroline Wozniacki broke up with Rory McIlroy, it opened the door for a friendship with Serena Williams after the two vacationed together. Since, the pair have become great friends, with Caroline and Serena hanging out after Williams defeated Wozniacki in the 2014 U.S. Open Final in New York City. Caroline […]

NYC marathon: Serena Williams with BFF, athletes’ wives who can run 26.2 miles

During the TCS New York City Marathon on Sunday, Nov. 2, top celebrities joined runners from around the world and took the streets of NYC to run the illustrious 26.2 miles. Celebrities who took on the challenge for charity are featured in the gallery with their run time and charities they champion. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of […]

Highest paid female athletes

We always hear about how much men make playing professional sports. Well, there are some women making a pretty decent living from being professional athletes as well and it looks like tennis is the sport to play if you want to make this list.  Check out which females are the highest paid in 2012 here.

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