Kandi Burruss claims Mama Joyce likes men with money

For months now, Kandi Burruss has been in a protracted battle between her mother and her own heart as she’s struggled to plan a wedding with her fiancé, Todd Tucker, while also trying to get her mom, Mama Joyce, to stop bashing Tucker and accept him as her future son-in-law. Since the drama began, fans […]

Marlo Hampton denies being a gold digger

Former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Marlo Hampton has quite the reputation when it comes to her romantic life and it’s safe to say that most people associate the name Marlo Hampton with, well, being a gold digger. However, according to Hampton, she is not an opportunist and she’s not looking to take a man for everything he […]

Erica Dixon and other reality stars accused of being gold diggers

Mama Dee hints at Erica Dixon being a gold digger After feuding with her son’s fiancee on an episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” an eccentric reality star issued a not so subtle diss on social media. Mama Dee, who was seen on the program arguing with Erica Dixon, let her real feelings be […]

Pilar Sanders and the biggest celebrity gold diggers

Kanye West didn’t say Pilar Sanders was a gold digger but Deion Sanders certainly did. According to reports, Deion Sanders kind of knew that his wife-to-be had dollar signs in her eyes before he married her. He decided to marry her anyway. How did the Hall of Fame cornerback know Pilar Sanders was looking for a […]

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