Serena Williams mourns the death of her dog

Tennis champ Serena Williams has a long list of famous athlete and celebrity friends, but her closest friend of all, perhaps, has been of the four-legged, furry persuasion. who achieved a different kind of success: Her beloved dog, Jackie. According to Williams’ Instagram feed, her beloved dog, Jackie, died Tuesday, Nov. 24, at the age […]

Cassie reveals adorable gift from Diddy

Diddy continues to show love to his girl, Cassie, by gifting her with her very own man’s best friend. Earlier this weekend, Cassie shared a photo on Instagram, cuddled up to an adorable pint size puppy, which she recently received from her longtime beau… just because. “A new baby from my love ️we call him […]

Kerry Washington and her pooch hit LAX: Other celebrities and their exotic pets

“Scandal’s” Kerry Washington and her pampered pooch, Josie, were spotted Tuesday at LAX. The Emmy-nominated actress best known for her role as Olivia Pope on ABC’s new hit drama “Scandal” was spotted hopping out of her blacked out chauffeured SUV at LAX with her shih tzu/yorkie pup Josie in tow. Like many celebrities, Washington provided […]

Celebrities and their pets

Nowadays, everyone seems to have a side kick — a four-legged animal friend, that is. And thanks to Twitter and Instagram, we’re able to get a close look at stars and their “best friends”, “babies” and pets any day of the week. Whether it’s Taye Diggs grabbing a cup of Joe with his pup or […]

25 Cutest Celebrity Pets

I am a lifelong animal lover. So I can certainly empathize with celebrities’ desire and need to have creatures crawling in proximity to them at regular intervals. It is probably even more of a requirement for the rich and famous because their glittery world  always orbited by managers, handlers, flunkies, junkies, the needy and others […]