How Charles Coleman is charging people to be superheroes of service

Charles F. Coleman Jr. is a 39-year-old civil rights attorney, legal analyst and community leader. The Brooklyn native is the founder and CEO of CFC40, a nonprofit organization focused on creating a community of change leaders to tackle one important issue at a time. Rolling out spoke with Coleman about his latest initiative, the Black […]

Charles F. Coleman Jr. launches Black Superhero Initiative across the US

Civil rights prosecutor Charles F. Coleman Jr. is the epitome of leading by example. The self-proclaimed black superhero is regularly featured on CNN, MSNBC and other networks for his insights on law, race, politics and social and criminal justice. “I don’t wear a cape or fly around in the sky, but there’s a lot more to being […]

Trial attorney Charles F. Coleman Jr. gives reasons for George Zimmerman acquittal

As a seasoned trial attorney, Charles Coleman Jr. was not surprised by the not guilty verdict following the George Zimmerman trial even though he shared in many citizens’ disappointment. “The verdict is consistent with (Florida) law, but it’s not consistent with justice,” Coleman said. “And that’s the difficult thing for people to reconcile. That’s a […]