Bad public education? We must stop placing blame and look in the mirror

Our nation is ablaze with political debates surrounding education, charter schools and failing public schools. I read about thousands of schools failing nationwide, and all I can think is our children are not “failing.” We have failed our children. Oftentimes during debates, I’ll ask panelists to share who’s actually consistently volunteering at a local school. […]

Rahn Mayo: Parental choice in education is worth fighting for

By Rahn Mayo Eight years of experience as a Georgia legislator and member of the House Education Committee provided me with a broad view of many critical challenges in public education. My first exposure to school choice occurred in 1980 when I entered kindergarten. My parents exercised a choice to pay tuition for me to […]

Congressman Hank Johnson talks charter schools and resegregation

U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Georgia, like many in Congress, is seeing a move toward the dismantling of public education. In place after place, charter schools are popping up all over the country. In Georgia voters will soon be able to vote on the “Opportunity School District” referendum. This controversial legislation in Georgia and others like it may lead to […]