Retired tailor picks up needle and thread again to aid her community

It started simple enough. Through her church, Chicago Housing Authority resident and retiree Jeliner Jordan was asked to make masks for a nursing home. Jordan’s masks became so popular, word spread and Jordan’s second career was born. For many years, the Zelda Ormes Apartments resident worked for Robert Hall Clothes as a tailor in a previous […]

New documentary examines Cabrini Green as part of Black Harvest Film Festival

Ronit Bezalel’s thought-provoking documentary, 70 Acres in Chicago: Cabrini Green, is a starling case study into the making and destruction of one of Chicago’s most infamous public housing projects. Heralded as a public housing success in the late 1940s, it garnered a reputation of also being one the most dangerous in the late 1990s. After […]