Danny Glover, Angela Davis, activists sign letter supporting Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollett is not alone.  A number of celebrities and dignitaries are standing in solidarity with the beleaguered “Empire” star and against the twin social evils of police brutality and White nationalism that have reared their heads in 2020. A prominent group of supporters has formed a protective wall around Smollett, who faces felony charges […]

Jussie Smollett reacts to 16-count indictment accusing him of lying to police

Through his lawyer, actor Jussie Smollett is reacting to being indicted on 16 counts of filing a false police report. The “Empire” star was accused of the felony crime after he alleged he was the victim of a homophobic and racist hate attack on Jan. 29, 2019, and indicted with the charges on Friday, March 8, following allegations that […]

Update on songwriter Norah Payne’s disappearance

Norah Payne who co-wrote Michael Jackson’s “You Rock My World” alongside Jackson himself, Rodney Jerkins, Fred Jerkins III and LaShawn Daniels disappeared on Saturday, October 7. The lead single on his 10th album, Invincible (2001), “You Rock My World” was commercially successful worldwide and peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Jackson’s […]

Experts now claiming Laquan McDonald video has fake audio

The tragic murder of Laquan McDonald by Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke has set the city of Chicago on edge. The “16 shots” hashtag has spread throughout social media and is a rallying cry for many protesting police violence when it comes to Blacks. According to news outlet Daily Mail, there is now a group of […]

Murders rise in Chicago; community leaders discuss violence and economic disparity

The murder rate seems to rise steadily in Chicago each day as the summer begins to make its exit. According to the Chicago Police Department report covering July 27 to August 2, 2015, there have been 259 murders in the city, already surpassing last year’s number of 214 murders. Community leaders, residents and officers are […]

Dr. Cornel West, white liberals push for gun control because of ‘racism’

While many African Americans take issue with one of the most brilliant and self-assured minds of our time, Princeton University scholar and professor Cornel West, especially for his incessant criticism of President Barack Obama policies, what many fail to see is that often he is correct.  He was correct on the plight of African Americans […]

Chief Keef arrested? Twitter reacts

Chief Keef has finally met his fate after violating his probation, and being directly involved in a few Chicago murders.  Chief Keef, who’s real name is Keith Cozart, was rescheduled to appear in in Cook County juvenile court today for pointing a gun at Chicago Police officers.  Due to Cozart’s “willful disregard” of the court, Judge Carl Anthony Walker […]