Black Detroit father convicted of killing toddler daughter insists she’s alive

It’s his story and he’s sticking to it. D’Andre Lane, 33, of Detroit has repeatedly denied beating his daughter, Bianca Jones, 2, to death. According to Lane, Bianca was abducted last December in a carjacking after he was forced from the vehicle at gunpoint. Following a search, authorities found his car an hour later with […]

Antoinette Robinson Attacks Daughter’s Abductor, Neighbors Help (Portland)

“Strangers helped a Portland mom tackle and capture a man she said tried to drag her 6-year-old daughter into the bushes Sunday night. Antoinette Robinson told KGW she saw the man grab her daughter and her instincts kicked in. She sprinted outside and started punching him. The girl had been playing outside, at a friend’s […]