Virginia’s attorney general aims to make oral and anal sex a felony

If Ken Cuccinelli is elected governor of Virginia, there is a good chance that oral and anal sex will be outlawed in the state. Cuccinelli, who now serves as Virginia’s attorney general, is the state’s GOP nominee for governor. According to reports, Cuccinelli filed an appeal to revive Virginia’s state law banning oral and anal […]

Hide your kids; 41 arrested in child sex sting in Florida

During a weeklong Polk County, Fla. sting targeting online sexual predators, 41 people, including one woman, were arrested. According to a news release, these predators traveled from as far as Wisconsin and as near Georgia “to have sex with 13 to 15-year-old boys and girls” they met social media sites, including Backpage and Craigslist.

Underage Social Networking: Internet Predators Are Hunting For Your Kids

It wasn’t that long ago when the basics of protective parenting consisted of making sure your kids were in the house before the street lights came on. Those days are long gone. Today, children are at risk in the “safety” of their own homes — via the family’s personal computer. According to the National Center […]