Rodger Jackson chats about ‘No Chiraq,’ creating content and Chicago talent

Rodger Jackson is executive producer of the show “No Chiraq” and also the creator of INTV, a production company in Chicago. Chicago remains a constant subject in the media. Oftentimes, the slant is negative and the violence in specific neighborhoods is where the spotlight is focused. As a content creator, Jackson has taken the reigns […]

Gang violence in Chicago: Native Chicagoans speak

Gang culture is embedded in the DNA of Chicago. A Google search will provide endless information about this culture. Names like Al Capone paint a romantic almost glamorous side of the culture that has been celebrated in film around the world. It said when Chicagoans travel abroad and mention where they come from the immediate […]

Chicago rapper Pohhla on his song ‘Anti-Chiraq’ and Spike Lee’s project

Rising rap artist Pohhla is a bit different than a lot of his contemporaries. Whereas some artists may be apprehensive to take a conscious stand in their music, Pohhla feels like it is his responsibility to sprinkle his music with real-life antidotes, aka “Vault Tawk.” Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, but spending his formative years […]

A strategy for Chicago community policing? Dr. Amara Enyia posits possibilities

[jwplatform 0DqD14Xo] It’s still going down out here. Young Black people are being killed indiscriminately, by those from within and outside the community. Chicagoans are welcoming the warm weather in the most trepidatious fashion ever. Dr. Amara Enyia shares her thoughts for improving community-police relations. Listen. Reflect. Build an agenda.

Chicago’s hip-hop community is becoming progressively political

There’s a movement afoot among Chicago’s hip-hop community, and it’s not about getting money and shaking a—-. Well … let me rephrase that. It is about money and shaking a—-, but not in the way that most people would think. As the hip-hop generation matures, a once natural disdain for politics and the associated shenanigans […]