Detroit Lions’ Dominic Raiola denies homophobic rant

Detroit Lions center Dominic Railoa landed himself in hot water earlier this week when he was accused of hurling homophobic slurs at a Wisconsin marching band before a game with the Green Bay Packers. Although Raiola recently admitted that he did act inappropriately at the game, he says that he never uttered anything homophobic during […]

WNBA star Sophia Young bashes same-sex marriage

When it comes to the ever-present national debate about sexuality, marriage equality and sports, most people have been focused on gay, bi and trans male players in sports and ignoring the perspectives of women on the matter. But rising WNBA star Sophia Young recently chimed in on the matter of same-sex marriage and, much to […]

NBA player Roy Hibbert utters gay slur, apologizes

Having a potty mouth is usually OK when you’re an artist or an actor or not Rick Ross rapping about rape. But when you’re an athlete, saying what’s on your mind can come with a hefty fine. Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert learned that lesson after he was fined for uttering  a gay slur during […]

Jennifer Williams’ ex, Eric Williams, goes on homophobic rant

Jennifer Williams’ ex-husband, Eric Williams, is used to being the villain thanks to his very public and messy divorce from the former “Basketball Wives” star. But Williams took the role to new heights this past weekend when he went on a homophobic Twitter rant about same-sex marriage. During his longwinded rant, Williams pitted gay black […]

Busta Rhymes and other celebs who went on homophobic rants

Busta Rhymes recently made headlines when he and his entourage visited Miami Beach’s Cheeseburger Baby, where he threw a homophobic tantrum after staff refused to serve him first and put condiments on his burger. According to the Huffinton Post, Stephanie Vitori, the owner of the establishment, who also happens to be gay, claims that Rhymes called […]

NFL player Chris Clemons claims coming out as gay in the league is ‘selfish’

It’s been a watershed moment in history for gays and lesbians in the world of sports, as straight NFL stars Brendon Ayanbadejo and Chris Kluwe have been fighting for both marriage equality and equality for gays in the world of pro sports. But, like Chris Culliver before him, one athlete is none too pleased with […]

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