An open letter to the church

Nearly one-half of the American population will be obese by 2030, according to a 2012 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. The researchers estimate that this will result in an additional $66 billion in health care expenditures, 7.8 million new cases of diabetes, 6.8 million new cases of stroke and heart disease, […]

Christians refuse to tip gay server, tell him why in shocking note

A group of so-called Christians enjoyed outstanding service from their waiter, but then refused to tip the 20-year-old at a Carrabba’s Italian restaurant in Overland Park, Kan., saying his sexual orientation is “an affront to God.” Really?! According to KCTV Fox 19 in Kansas City, Mo., the server went to the table after the Christian […]

Sophia Fresh’s Album on Hold; ‘Sophia vs. Fresh’ Mixtape Due to Drop

Combine three female artists singing about love and female empowerment with up-tempo tracks, factor in hip-hop flavor to that formula, and what do you get? Sophia Fresh, a trio ready to step into the spotlight as the next singing sensation. Each woman bringing her own sense of style in fashion and music, Sophia Fresh consists […]

Movie Review: ‘Green Lantern’ Addresses the Power of Emotions and the Human Spirit

Green Lantern‘s story line of an emotionally distressed playboy, hot-rod pilot who becomes superhero is just the beginning of the story. The battle between a man’s will and his fear, however, makes it an intriguing focus of discussion. Throughout the movie, we learn the lesson that will, or determination, can make one powerful, but fear […]