Why the Emmett Till case has been reopened 60 years after brutal murder

The spirit of Emmett Till continues to cry out from his grave for justice. One of the most horrific and infamous murders from the civil rights era has been reopened by the U.S. Department of Justice without the customary media notification, the New York Times has discovered. Emmitt Till was just 14 years old when […]

Legendary filmmaker Stanley Nelson to produce John Lewis documentary

              Since the early ’90s, award-winning director and producer Stanley Nelson Jr. has highlighted the experiences and historical moments of African Americans through his documentary films. He is most known for films like Freedom Riders, Jonestown: The Life and Death of People’s Temple, The Murder of Emmit Till and Sweet Honey in the […]

United Nations racism treaty forces Obama to explain COINTELPRO black political prisoners

A United Nations treaty on racism, which the United States is a signatory, is being enforced against the Obama administration. The enforcement of the treaty deals with the details of black prisoners, especially in the 1960s. Under the FBI program COINTELPRO dozens of black political prisoners were incarcerated during the Civil Rights Era. In some […]