A newbie to group sex? Here are some #ATLOrgy tips

The birthday party for #ATLOrgy hostess Cidney G is almost here and if you are a part of the invited guests, congratulations. For some guests, this is possibly their first experience for what might be group sex or an anonymous hookup and they may need some etiquette tips. To help novice swingers, here are a few […]

The 10 best ways to protect yourself from HIV

The HIV virus continues to proliferate and everyone wants to protect themselves from it. But a lot of people are at a loss for ways to accomplish this goal. Rolling out has 10 suggestions on protecting yourself from HIV:Dental Dam Like condoms, dental dams come in different flavors. These are used primarily for oral sex, […]

What’s the best birth control method for you? It depends

Of course, we all know how easy it can be for a young fertile woman to find herself a young mother-to-be. But, with the huge variety of products on the market that claim to prevent unwanted surprises, it basically comes down to a choice of what’s right for you as an individual. Abstinence, which your […]

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