Aniesia Williams is the heart and soul of brand integration and content

Aniesia Williams knows the fabric of what makes a company move and a brand become a household name. She’s a brand strategist, journalist, and content creator for multiple industries. Her resume includes working relationships with companies such as Lincoln, Lionsgate, Mercedes Benz, and more. She also runs and was recently named director of content […]

Rodger Jackson chats about ‘No Chiraq,’ creating content and Chicago talent

Rodger Jackson is executive producer of the show “No Chiraq” and also the creator of INTV, a production company in Chicago. Chicago remains a constant subject in the media. Oftentimes, the slant is negative and the violence in specific neighborhoods is where the spotlight is focused. As a content creator, Jackson has taken the reigns […]

Ralph Walker is a leader in the tech community of Detroit


Ralph Walker is the owner of Ralph Walker Designs, which is a company dedicated to building websites, online marketing, and more. Walker started his entrepreneurial journey in Atlanta and came back to Detroit to house his ever-growing business in the Motor City. Walker is committed to creating opportunities in the tech world for aspiring persons. […]

R&B sensation Vedo shows his appreciation for women on ‘Slow’

R&B singer-songwriter Vedo is an artist that you need to keep your eye on. The Michigan native is a former contestant on NBC’s “The Voice” (#TeamUsher), and he also has a popular Youtube channel where he’s done various cover songs from some of the industry’s top artists (Drake, Rihanna, Usher). Most recently, he penned a single […]

‘Brown Girl Bloggers’ creator shares her journey, gives helpful tips

Courtesy of Blogging has become an essential factor for not only creative minds but creative companies in order to further express what it is they’re selling and to engage their audience on a personal level. With content everywhere, one millennial noticed the lack of women of color who are in those spaces and thriving. Candice VanWye, […]

NBC’s Christopher Nelson says content creators are the future

Christopher Nelson is a senior assignment editor for NBC News. He has been a part of the broadcast television network’s evolution to a multi-platform content provider and has worked across broadcast and digital formats. In addition to editing, Nelson is also a reporter and writer. In a previous stint with NBC News, Nelson was a researcher […]