Coolio’s untimely death and the life expectancy of Black male celebrities

The untimely death of rapper Coolio at 59 sparked up a larger conversation when physician Oni Blackstock tweeted a list of Black celebs who died at relatively young ages. The doctor tweeted a short list of some of the Black male figures in hip-hop who have died since 2020. The list includes DMX at 50, […]

Iconic, Grammy Award-winning rapper Coolio dies at 59

Iconic West Coast rapper Coolio died Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2022. According to the New York Times, “Mr. Jarez Posey, who worked with the rapper for more than 20 years, said he was told that Coolio was at a friend’s house in Los Angeles when he went to the bathroom. When he did not return for […]

Coolio makes statement about arrest for possession of stolen, loaded firearm

Not cool, Coolio. On Saturday, Sept. 17, the “Gangsta in Paradise” rapper was apprehended by police after authorities said they found a loaded, stolen firearm in his carry-on bag at a security checkpoint inside Los Angeles International Airport. Around 10:50 a.m., airport security responded after TSA flagged a prohibited item in the screening area, spokeswoman […]

20-year-old 2Pac story leads to beef between Coolio and King Tee

During a recent interview with Spin Magazine, Coolio told the story of how he had to stop 2Pac and his crew from doing serious damage to veteran Compton rapper King Tee. According to Coolio, Tee drunkenly started the fight and Pac and posse were in a position to end it: One night we were at Prince’s […]

Coolio says TMZ lied; sets record straight about porn site deal

Though TMZ is usually on the money with most reports, it looks like they got this one wrong. Not only did they get it wrong according to Coolio, they are flat out lying because he has no plans to do a new album, let alone one for Pornhub. “They made that s— up completely. I didn’t talk to […]

Coolio planning a comeback, inks deal with popular porn site

For those of you who were eagerly anticipating a Coolio comeback in 2014, there’s some good news. The “Gangster’s Paradise” rapper has reportedly inked a new deal and is set to release new music. The twist? That deal is with adult video site

Tiger Woods and other celebs who need to go bald

Male patterned baldness affects about 74 percent of men which is said to be genetic. Tiger Woods is the latest male celebrity to join the elite group of men who may need to “just let it go.” The dyes, toupees, the spray on hair and hats just aren’t getting it anymore. Just give up and take the plunge […]

Andrew Bynum’s mushroom perm and other wacky celebrity hairdos

We all applaud celebs for pushing the boundaries with their style and hair, but Philadelphia 76ers star Andrew Bynum seems to be having quite the hair crisis as of late. The new Philly star has been experimenting with different hairdos for weeks now, but none of them prepared fans for the style he presented when […]

Nick Gordon Tweets Controversial Gun Photo

Nick Gordon, Whitney Houston’s so-called “adopted” son, has been in the headlines for months over his high-profile relationship with Houston’s biological daughter, Bobbi Kristina. But now, Gordon and Bobbi are in the news for a controversial photo involving Gordon’s favorite new weapon. According to Sky News, on Sept. 19, Gordon tweeted a photo of himself […]

Prince and Other Men With Crazy Hairdos

Enigmatic music icon Prince made a rare TV appearance on Sept. 17 when he was interviewed by the ladies of “The View.” And though the simple act of giving an interview was enough to get the people talking, all anyone seemed to talk about was Prince’s rather surprising new hairdo. For years, Prince has been […]

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