10 famous Martin Luther King Jr. quotes

Martin Luther King Jr was not only an African-American Civil Rights Movement leader but he led a life of inspiration and motivation to others. He spoke in front of thousands of people and even if you were not alive to hear him speak in person his words still ring true now. Listed below are 10 famous […]

Happy birthday Martin Luther King Jr.

Happy birthday Martin Luther King Jr.! King, African American Civil Rights Movement leader, clergyman and national icon who used civil disobedience to combat institutionalized racism. At age 25, he became the pastor of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Alabama. He traveled to India in April 1959 after being inspired by the nonviolent protests of Mahatma Gandhi. King married Coretta […]

8 things you may not know about Martin Luther King Jr.

The nation pauses for a moment to commemorate the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose nonviolent American revolution change the sociopolitical paradigm forever in America. The youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize recipient was murdered 45 years ago today (April 4, 1968) in Memphis, Tenn., felled by a assassin’s bullet. The […]

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