White privilege finally ends for affluenza killer Ethan Couch

For those people who don’t believe in White privilege, it will be hard to explain the case of Ethan Couch. Couch received notoriety for his lenient sentence in the death of four people while driving drunk in 2013. The judge in the case sentenced Couch to rehab and 10 years probation because he suffered from […]

Arrest warrant issued for ‘affluenza’ DUI killer Ethan Couch

The name “Ethan Couch” may have faded from the memory. Couch, 19, was the drunken Texas teen who killed four people while driving in 2013. His case sparked a new phrase “Affluenza” to describe “white privilege” for Couch. The defense team stated that Couch’s parents were so rich that they gave him everything he wanted […]