Fans find it ‘creepy’ that Drake frequently texts underage girl entertainers

In this age of mass sex trafficking and publicized pedophilia, some fans find rapper-singer Drake’s close relationship with underage female entertainers “creepy.” Alarm sirens went off for fans when singer Billie Eilish, 17, told Variety magazine that Drake has her number and that he she has had several text interactions with the 33-year-old “In My […]

Kanye’s ‘Bound 2’ reminds us of Michael Jackson — and not in a good way

The premiere of Kanye West’s latest video, for his single “Bound 2” from his controversial album Yeezus, was met with snickers and derision from many across social media and the blogosphere. Kanye seems impervious to ridicule at this point–in fact, he may relish it, but this particular video, with its combination of pomposity and soft-porn, seems to have provoked more prickliness than Kanye’s music typically invites.

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