Da YoungFellaz dispute blowing $130,000 marketing budget on drugs and travel: Listen now

On Aug. 6, the New York Post reported a story regarding allegations of Da YoungFellaz blowing a $130,000 marketing budget on drugs and travel; however, Da YoungFellaz tell a different story. During an interview with rolling out, the New York-based duo revealed their side of the story. Apparently, Frank Marquez, the main investor, attempted to […]

New rap group blows $130,000 marketing budget on drugs and travel

A New York-based rap group blew their $130,000 marketing budget before gaining national prestige in music. Known as Da YoungFellaz, the duo spent $25,000 of the loan in just three months, according to reps at the StigmaSound studio. StigmaSound invested the $130,000 into the group and are suing to get their money back after the […]

Da YoungFellaz release new mixtape ‘Sophisticated But Arrogant: The Prelude’: Listen now

The rap group Da YoungFellaz has released a new mixtape “Sophisticated But Arrogant:The Prelude.” The mixtape features 10 new original songs from the duo that hails from New York. Standout tracks include “Fake,” “New Rich City,” “Double Standard,” and “Fall Down.” Guest features DeVo. D, Kepstar, Crome, Rich iCoast, Letra, Kami and Sal Capone. Production […]