Zimmerman fight back on!

It has been announced that a new promoter has taken over the Zimmerman fight. The original promoter Damon Feldman withdrew because of reported death threats against his children. The new promoter, FilmOn promises a better and bloodier fight with no DMX.  The owner of FilmOn, Alki Davis stated that “Much bigger names than DMX want […]

Promoter cancels controversial Zimmerman vs. DMX celebrity boxing match

Hold the presses! After much consideration (and accusations that the fight was going to be fixed) boxing promoter Damon Feldman has had a change of heart and cancelled the boxing match between George Zimmerman and rapper DMX, which was to take place in March of this year. Yesterday evening he tweeted: “All you people are […]

The George Zimmerman-DMX boxing match will be fixed

The millions of people whose blood pressure rose regarding the George Zimmerman-DMX “celebrity” boxing match should relax themselves now. The so-called three-round fight will be a hoax. Yes, the fight will be fixed with promoter Damon Feldman as the producer of this national fraud of a boxing match. Feldman is joining forces with George Zimmerman […]

Chris Brown and Drake Offered $1 Million to Box Each Other

The feud between Chris Brown and Drake already turned violent a few weeks ago when the two stars and their entourages were allegedly involved in a New York nightclub brawl that left several injured. But now the two have been offered to duke out in a boxing ring for a cool million. According to Popdust, […]

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