Driver Salvatore Iovino hopes to be the future of NASCAR

NASCAR driver Salvatore Iovino hopes to be a top contender for next season. The 33-year-old Los Angeles native is accustomed to working under pressure, and in addition to an intense prep schedule for races, he runs a million-dollar company he formed in 2013, Integrated Tower Services LLC. Iovino is currently gearing up for two races this […]

Celebrities congratulate Serena Williams on Twitter for her US Open victory

A Serena Williams grand slam final has long been must see TV. Celebrities from a wide away of industries — including athletes, singers, TV personalities, actors, race car drivers, political pundits, electronic journalists and filmmakers — converged onto twitter to genuflect at one of the greatest careers in the history of tennis. Actually, Hall of […]

Highest paid female athletes

We always hear about how much men make playing professional sports. Well, there are some women making a pretty decent living from being professional athletes as well and it looks like tennis is the sport to play if you want to make this list.  Check out which females are the highest paid in 2012 here.

50 Cent and Fox’s Erin Andrews awkward kiss; 50 rejected?

Not every lady dreams of being with a rapper- ask 50 Cent.  This past weekend at the Daytona 500, the G-Unit rapper turned business mogul intercepted FOX reporter Erin Andrews on her way to interview Danica Patrick.  As if the moment wasn’t already awkward in Andrews’ mind, 50 Cent leaned in for a kiss, Erin […]