Republicans sacrificing poor whites with government shutdown, food stamp cuts

“They don’t mind getting a few of their own (in order) to get to you, to maintain power.” — Minister Louis Farrakhan, circa 1990 Contrary to popular and erroneous beliefs, white Americans actually represent the largest group of poor people in America and those who subsist on government welfare and food stamps. Subsequently, in light […]

President Obama’s senior adviser tweets N-word

A senior adviser to President Obama inexplicably tweeted the N-word during a discussion of the government shutdown. How that could possibly happen by accident is beyond most of us. Dan Pfeiffer was responding to a Twitter discussion about political polarization and how the Internet and social media play a major factor. He then tweeted: “Also […]

Rev. Wendell Anthony Tells African Americans ‘The Cavalry Ain’t Coming’

Rolling out spoke with one of Detroit’s most fervent and effective civic leaders, the founder of Freedom Institute, Rev. Wendell Anthony at Freedom Weekend in Detroit, which concluded on Sat. Aug 20.  An impassioned orator, who is also internationally recognized for his accomplishments as president of the Detroit Branch NAACP, shared his thoughts  regarding Freedom […]

White House Versus the GOP: Politics in the Fun House Mirror

For months, we have witnessed the growing fury within the GOP’s tea party and the growing rancor to its united front. Last week, House Majority Speaker John Boehner pulled the plug on a deal that he crafted along with Democratic leaders in the House and the Senate. It seems the tea party would support it. […]

How George W. Bush and Barack Obama Destroyed the Black Middle Class

In June of last month, a poll conducted by the largest social network for African Americans,, and of 1,100 African Americans, revealed  that 88 percent of them believe the economy has been better under President Obama than former President George W. Bush. The truth of the matter is that both Bush and Obama […]

Obama Underestimates GOP’s Determination to ‘Destroy Him’ Says Jesse Jackson

Rev. Jesse Jackson says that President Barack Obama should have been “tougher” with Republicans and less compromising in debt ceiling negotiations. “He has a propensity to be trusting, on the side of reconciliation,” Jackson told POLITICO July 29. “He kind of underestimates how ideological these guys are and how determined they are to destroy him.” The activist […]

President Obama Loses 40,000 Twitter Followers After Tweeting About Debt Ceiling

President Obama tried to take the fight of the nation’s debt ceiling into cyberspace — and lost. More than 40,000 of Obama’s Twitter followers “un-followed” him after the ceaseless barrage of tweets. Many of Obama’s followers became extremely irked when his administration’s campaign staff used @BarackObama Twitter account to post the Twitter handles of Republican leaders and send them the […]

Debt Limit Talks Fail, Boehner Calls White House Bowl of Jell-O

On Friday, July 22 House Speaker John Boehner,  R-Ohio, broke off talks with President Barack Obama concerning concessions surrounding raising the debt ceiling. Rep. Boehner stopped returning the White House’s calls on Thursday and informed the president Friday that he would not be returning to the negotiation table. In response, the president held a press […]

President Barack Obama: ‘I Will Not Yield to This’

The fifth day of negotiations between congressional caucuses and the White House ended with no movement toward increasing the debt ceiling or reigning in the national deficit. The session on Wednesday, July 13, ended with President Barack Obama leaving the table after two hours of talks, led by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor who leads […]