Coroner rules that mentally ill Black man died of dehydration in Georgia jail

It is a sad commentary on the state of the American healthcare system when it comes to treating the mentally ill in prison. In Georgia alone, more than 500 inmates have died in custody over the last 10 years because of not receiving proper care, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Dozens of those who died […]

Woman dies in jail because guards would not give her water

A South Carolina woman has died in police custody because she was not given the basic essential of life, water. Joyce Curnell was arrested for not paying fines that resulted from a 2011 shoplifting conviction and was jailed at the Charleston County Detention Center. When she was booked, she was suffering from stomach flu as well […]

The 4 worst foods for your skin and how they’re aging you

Fried foods We all know that you get out what you put in – when it comes to work, love and our bodies. That doesn’t just apply to your overall health and weight, but to the quality of your skin, too. We sought to find the absolute worst foods for you and how they affect your largest organ, the […]

Australian scientists create hydrating beer to decrease hangovers

Adding one simple ingredient to a nice cold beer just may make it more appealing and better for your health. By adding electrolytes, an ingredient commonly found in sports drinks, and reducing the alcohol content researchers found that beer could become even more refreshing without changing the taste of the brews. Associate Professor Ben Desbrow […]