Writer explains how to go from brokenness to happiness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, therefore, rolling out sat down with Robin Lynn Griggs, the author of Broken: 2B Or Not 2B That Is the Question? to talk about life, mental health and what we can expect next from her wisdom, knowledge and growth in Jesus Christ.

Prince’s new music to be released with reality show

Millions of Prince fans, who fruitlessly awaited the release of new music on the anniversary of the legend’s death, will finally be able to hear the songs during a now-developing reality show, the media has reported. Prince’s estate is getting into the reality show game, which is why they went to great legal lengths to shut […]

Prince’s estate sues over release of song by producer

Millions of Prince fans were delighted when a previously unreleased song was made available to the public by a former producer. The song titled ‘Deliverance’ was posted to iTunes and SoundCloud by Rogue Media Alliance and producer George Boxill. However, lawyers for the singer’s estate are crying foul and have filed a federal lawsuit against […]

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