Angie Stone opens up about fight with her daughter

Angie Stone’s life was turned upside down last year when she was involved in a physical altercation with her adult daughter, Diamond, and was accused of knocking out her daughter’s two front teeth. After the fight, Stone’s fight with Diamond quickly faded out of the tabloids. But recently Stone appeared on the “Steve Harvery Show” […]

T.D. Jakes helps Angie Stone confront daughter she attacked

The Potter’s House mega-church leader T.D. Jakes is test-running a weekday talk show for a few weeks. On the Aug. 26 episode, the “T.D. Jakes Show” welcomed R&B singer Angie Stone on the program to mend her deeply troubled relationship with her 31-year-old daughter. The world learned that the vibe wasn’t peaceful between the 53-year-old songbird and her daughter, Diamond Stone, in March […]

Diamond Stone opens up about the fight with her mother and her teeth

The Internet was set on fire this week with news that Angie Stone had gotten into a fight with her daughter, Diamond Stone, and that she knocked her daughter’s teeth out with a metal jewelry stand. But a new article claims that Diamond’s teeth may have been damaged before the fight even occurred. According to TMZ, […]

Angie Stone’s daughter, Diamond, shows proof of missing teeth on Facebook

Who knows what would have happened if a family friend hadn’t been around when Angie Stone and her daughter, Diamond Stone, got into a physical fight at their Lithonia, Georgia, home on Monday night. Angie and Diamond have different accounts of who struck the first blow following a heated argument where Angie, 53, told her adult daughter […]

Angie Stone arrested for aggravated assault

Singer Angie Stone, 53, has reportedly been arrested for aggravated assault and booked into the DeKalb County Jail. Stone and her daughter, Diamond, 30, were involved in a fight in Lithonia, Georgia, a metro Atlanta suburb. Diamond Stone punched her mother in the face, reportedly multiple times, with “closed fists.” Stone reportedly reacted by picking up a metal […]