Tekashi 6ix9ine slams Brittney Griner during trip to Russia

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has given folks new reasons who detest the diminutive emcee. During a concert tour stop in Russia, Tekashi actually had the intestinal fortitude to say “f— Brittney Griner” while touring the capital city of Russia over the weekend. Meanwhile, Griner is languishing in a Russian prison after being convicted of smuggling traces […]

Playboi Carti needs to speak up and protect Rico Nasty, Black women

It’s been a social media phrase used extensively over the past half decade. Protect Black women. The premise is simple. Be kind to Black women, respect Black women and love Black women. It is now time for Playboi Carti to protect a Black woman and fellow artist Rico Nasty on his “King Vamp Narcissist Tour.” […]

Teen who heckled Cam Newton at his own camp is called out by Twitter (video)

Fans are outraged at a teenager who loudly and publicly ridiculed NFL star, Cam Newton, at a youth football camp that the pro quarterback helped sponsor for he and his peers. The teen would later apologize. As the below video shows, the unidentified teen began berating Newton because he had a rough year with the […]

Michelle Obama defends future first lady Jill Biden using ‘Dr.’ title

Michelle Obama came to the defense of Jill Biden, whose use of the academic title of “Dr.” was the subject of a controversial op-ed recently published in The Wall Street Journal. Obama, 56, who spent about a decade being disrespected despite acquiring two degrees from Ivy League schools, took to social media to respond to […]

Black Republican blasts GOP for saying they ‘never disrespected’ Obama (video)

Even a Black conservative found himself in a state of shock when his Republican comrades commented publicly that they never disrespected former President Barack Obama during his eight years in the White House. The utterance caused conservative commentator Shermichael Singleton to blast House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana), who had the audacity to say that, […]

Priest calls cops on Black family at funeral

A moment of extreme grief turned into what some would call extremely bad judgment when a priest at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Charlotte Hall, Maryland, called police during the funeral service of a Black family. In another installment of the “Racial Twilight Zone,”  police reportedly were called to the parish on Tuesday, June 26, […]

Ignorant Trump fails to stand for flag as soldiers render honors (video)

After all the furor Trump has caused by criticizing NFL players for taking a knee during the national anthem, you would think that as president he would honor the flag. But you would be wrong. During an interview with Fox host Sean Hannity, U.S. military personnel were rendering honors to the flag. As a part […]

Restaurant staff sing ‘F— the Police’ as cops eat

Police in Raleigh, North Carolina, are upset over an impromptu sing along by employees at a popular barbecue restaurant, According to a Facebook post, officers were eating at Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Barbeque in Garner, North Carolina, when they got a side of disrespect along with their food. The staff began to sing the NWA classic […]

Grandma pulls knife on grandson for disrespecting her (NSFW)

A video posted to YouTube shows the danger of disrespecting your  grandma. In the video, the irate grandmother tells the young children to “shut the f— up” and pulls out a knife. Soon the children’s laughter dissolves into silence as the grandmother declares, “You don’t f— with me.” [jwplatform rksq4eTw]

Beanie Sigel Regrets Dissing Jay-Z

Beanie Sigel finally admits to XXLMag.com that he was wrong for dissing Jay-Z in the media, on songs and all the other ways he decided to take shots at his previous boss. And I say he ‘finally admits’ it because c’mon Beans…you knew you were wong from the get-go getty-up. “What Mike Epps say? ‘Gangstas […]