Judge forcing Future to take DNA test

After months of intrigue and legal maneuvering, a judge has ordered rapper Future to take a DNA test to confirm or disprove he is the father of Eliza Reign’s baby. Reign, 29, has reportedly served Future three times in the past year to take a paternity test and now the “Percocet” rapper must take one […]

Florida man arrested after 13-year-old gives birth to his baby

The results of a DNA test conducted after a then 13-year-old girl gave birth has landed an Ocala, Florida man in jail. In January 2016, a sister of the victim called Avisus Sedale Davis, 28, to give them a ride home from school. According to the victim, Davis stated he had to drop by his […]

The world’s most heartbreaking DNA test

[jwplatform rxaCMJ7H] I’ve never felt worse for a family. (In a perfect world, there would be more for me to add here, but I keep coming back to how utterly heartbreaking this is.)

Mathew Knowles has 2nd love child?

Mathew Knowles, 63, father and former manager of superstar Beyoncé and singer-songwriter Solange Knowles, reportedly has a fourth child. A new report claims that former model TaQoya Branscomb has a child that DNA tests have showed is Matthews. The test results were reportedly that the child is 99.9% likely Knowles’ offspring.

Michael Jackson’s ‘son’s’ DNA test bogus?

It is being reported that yesterday’s DNA test results that “proved” singer B. Howard is the illegitimate son of pop star Michael Jackson was completely fake. Numerous outlets have found evidence that the test was bogus. In fact, it is being reported that the DNA testing facility’s logo was actually from the action film Terminator Salvation.

If Justin Bieber Is the Baby’s Daddy, Legally Speaking, He Was Raped

Fans of 17-year old pop phenom Justin Bieber are frantic over the news that their beloved is accused of the unthinkable – a one-night stand that resulted in the birth of an out-of-wedlock baby with a (slightly older) woman he denies knowing. With so much attention being paid to the alleged scandalous behavior of the […]