Twitter blasts Don Lemon for siding with Bill O’Reilly’s racist rant

Don Lemon blasted for his “No Talking Points” After siding with certain points of a black community rant by Bill O’Reilly, a black news host was skewered on Twitter for his at times ridiculous remarks. Don Lemon recently took to his “No Talking Points” segment on CNN to agree with statements Bill O’Reilly made during a Fox news […]

CNN’s Don Lemon Says Reporters Should Say N—-er While Reporting

Just a day before a CNN correspondent caught backlash for saying the N-word on-air, one of her fellow reporters was defending the use of the racial slur during broadcasts. As previously reported, CNN’s Susan Candiotti was reporting on a story on Sunday, April 8  concerning the shootings of five back men in Oklahoma that many […]