Danyell and Raynell Hutchison Give Double Beauty With DoubleDutch Cosmetics

Company: DoubleDutch Cosmetics Owners: CEOs Raynell and Danyell Hutchison of Houston Tell me a little bit about your company. Danyell: We arrived at the name DoubleDutch because we are identical twins. The concept of DoubleDutch reminds you of your childhood. We wanted to create something that we like doing, and most women like makeup. Our […]

Brittany Brown Launches ‘Everyday Bride’ Magazine

Business to Know: Everyday Bride Founder and Editor-in-Chief: Brittany Brown Launch Date: The website launched May 2010. The premiere print issue and digital magazine launched May 2011. What inspired you to become a publisher of a bride magazine? My previous bridal experience was as a wedding planner. I truly enjoyed being a part of the […]