Dr. Caree Jackson Says Advanced Degree Is Ticket to Opportunity, Success

CDC nutrition expert Dr. Caree Jackson was blessed with two educated parents who made sure the arduous path toward college was well-lit for her from a very young age. As Jackson describes it, “I never considered not going. I always knew it was a standard.” Pursuing her doctorate resulted from Jackson’s initial goal to become […]

Bringing Your ‘A Game’: Top Tips to Score High at Health, Fitness

Ahhh… the warmth of spring! Are you happily hanging up tanks and capris, or are you secretly wishing you could go back to January and restart your New Year’s resolution? Either way, you can still make improvements to get the look you desire by this summer. Use these handy tips to bring your “A game” […]

Healing Foods: Top Tips to Use Food as Medicine

Tip 1: Honey, Please (Allergies):  Having honey in your system from bees in your area can make you less susceptible to allergic reactions from pollen. Try 1 to 2 teaspoons in a daily cup of herbal tea, mix in with some Greek yogurt, or drizzle some on top of fresh fruit. Tip 2: Mean Greens […]