Dr. Myron L. Rolle’s ‘The 2% Way’ is a guide to excellence

“With these hands I’m one of God’s most powerful creatures …” This is the first half of a quote rolling out founder, Munson Steed, shared with me when I asked what his biggest takeaway was, after interviewing Dr. Myron Rolle upon the release of his memoir, The 2% Way. Steed’s full quote was:“With these hands […]

Dr. Myron Rolle says ‘The 2% Way’ will lead you to a better version of yourself

Dr. Myron Rolle played in the NFL as a safety for the Tennessee Titans  before becoming a neurosurgeon. Dr. Rolle played college football at Florida State University College of Medicine and is currently completing his residency at Harvard Medical School. To top it off, Dr. Rolle is also helping to improve the lives of others […]