Actavis cough syrup discontinuation could increase street value of ‘Lean’

In the upcoming months, there will be a shortage of “Drank” and “Lean” on the streets. According to reports, the pharmaceutical company Actavis has decided to cease production of their Promethazine Codeine cough syrup. The company has pulled the product because of the recreational use that has become prominent. The syrup is often used by […]

10 things hip-hop stars won’t tell you about using Purple Drank

On Nov. 25, 16 people in Lahore, Pakistan died after overdosing on cough syrup after taking it as a recreational drug. Stateside, dozens of rappers have promoted codeine/promethazine laced Sprite as their drug of choice. Since originating in the Houston area in the mid-90s, Purple Drank, also known as Lean or Dirty Sprite, has been […]