Michael Jordan lied about not keeping Isiah Thomas off Dream Team (audio)

Audio evidence reveals that Michael Jordan deliberately lied when he claimed resolutely that he had nothing to do with keeping fellow legend Isiah Thomas off the iconic Dream Team. Jordan, 57, said on the record-breaking documentary “The Last Dance” that he didn’t have any influence on keeping his mortal enemy Thomas off the 1992 Spain […]

David Stern’s NBA era is over: was he a genius or just lucky?

On February 1st, 2014, the David Stern Era officially ended in the National Basketball Association. The man who ran the league for a generation stepped down after 30 years at the helm, three decades that saw the league explode in popularity, falter after the decline of its Golden Era stars, and then re-emerge as a powerhouse on the back of a new generation of stars led by a King in Miami.

5 Ways 2012 ‘Dream Team’ Can Be Beat

After a poor start, the U.S. Men’s basketball team regained their dazzling form and rallied to beat Brazil 80-69.  With President Obama in attendance, Lebron James led the U.S. with 30 points; however, with exhibition games against stronger competition (Argentina and Spain) coming up Rolling out has put together five ways the home team could lose […]

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