Popeyes employees held at gunpoint by mob craving chicken sandwiches

The Popeyes chicken sandwich craze has reached a new low. The chicken sandwich mania initially began as good-natured banter on social media, but it has now inspired criminals to react with violence. During the Labor Day holiday, a group consisting of two women, three men and a baby drove to the drive-thru at a Houston-area […]

Bigotry at Miami Burger King gets worker fired (video)

Over the past year, America has been exposed to various White people spouting racist views and actions against ordinary Black folk going about their everyday lives. But racism and bigotry can be a two-way street, all of it born of ignorance and intolerance. Apparently, that was the situation when a Hispanic couple at a Burger King […]

Fast-food worker snatched into car by hair

[jwplatform kN4zdIXw] Working at a fast-food drive-thru window turned violent for one worker. A dispute with a customer led to her being yanked out of the drive-thru window by her hair.

Fast-food worker selling drugs at drive-thru window

In what seems to be an ongoing occurrence at fast-food drive-through windows, another arrest was made for drug distribution. This time the incident happened in Pittsburgh at the McDonald’s restaurant in the Bakery Square section of East Liberty. A McDonald’s worker, Shania Dennis, was arrested for drug distribution. Potential customers for the heroin were instructed […]