Antonio Brown responds to video of him exposing himself in Dubai (video)

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown has added to his kooky reputation after he exposed himself to women on several occasions in a pool in Dubai. A video was leaked to the New York Post showing Brown, 34, swimming naked in a pool and exposing his bare backside in a woman’s face at the Armani […]

Elie Saba is an entertainment innovator

Meet Elie Saba, one of the most recognized faces in the entertainment industry. Saba is known for creating the hottest nightlife scene in U.A.E., WHITE Dubai, where a club is located atop the Meydan Racecourse Grandstand. Guests have included major stars such as Akon, Jason Derulo, Rita Ora, Rick Ross and French Montana. Mixed with […]

R. Kelly begging judge to let him perform outside United States

Disgraced, depressed and depleted superstar R. Kelly, is pleading with a judge to allow him to travel outside the United States to perform a series of concerts to help restock his empty bank account. Robert Sylvester Kelly, 52, specifically wants to go to the Middle East next month to perform a series of concerts as […]

Philly mom who threw prom party for her son now faces 140 years in prison

Last year, rolling out reported the story of Saudia Shuler, a Philadelphia mother who threw an extravagant prom party for her son. She wanted to give him a trip to the desert kingdom of Dubai, known to be a sought-after travel destination for wealthy tourists but decided on another option. Instead of sending her son […]

Cardi B almost mauled by this animal in Dubai

“Bodak Yellow” video director Picture Perfect says Cardi B was almost mauled by a cheetah while shooting the music video. The 25-year-old rapper shot the music video for her debut single in Dubai and it depicts her as a queen with a throne and a cheetah but things almost went terribly wrong. Picture Perfect told […]

Traci Evans brings global fashion to Meow and Barks Boutique

Traci Evans is a celebrity stylist, designer and owner of Meow and Barks Boutique.  Meow and Barks, which has locations in Atlanta, and Jacksonville, Florida, provides exclusive and stylish fashions, accessories, and shoes. Evans’ latest production is a global fashion collection, which pulls inspiration from cultures of countries such as Cuba and the United Arab […]

Dubai vacation: 5 things to do, 5 things to skip (pictures)

For nearly two decades, Dubai has been portrayed as a veritable land of plenty by professional expats and jet-setters who flock to the desert oasis seeking opportunity, lavish lifestyle experiences and adult play in the ever-expanding seaside metropolis. When I booked my recent trip with East Texas Bama, I had similar visions dancing in my […]

An afternoon in Abu Dhabi: Queen for a day

During a recent trip to Dubai, my husband, writer East Texas Bama, and I decided to take a breather from the bustling and most grandiose Emirates city. Like most visitors, we sought the suburban (only slightly less grandiose) desert shores of capital city Abu Dhabi. Like its sister city, Abu Dhabi boasts ambitious skyscrapers, meticulously […]

Mom spends $25K on son’s prom date with 3 girls

A Philadelphia mom went all out for her son’s prom recently. Saudia Shuler, 43,  is very proud of her son Johnny Eden Jr., a graduating high school senior with a 3.8 GPA and a standout player on his school’s basketball team. She wanted to give him a trip to the desert kingdom of Dubai, known […]

Business owner Gideon King shares how Blacks can secure business funding

Master vehicle detailer Gideon King recently opened Big Foot Detailing Centre, an international vehicle detailing service center in Doha, Qatar. King has also been an exclusive detailer for Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini. The Centre’s services include paint correction, nano-based ceramic coating by MAYVINCI and much more. The Centre has been open for less than a […]

10 of the most beautiful places in the world

If you ever want a vacation to somewhere different, and want to experience the most beautiful places in the world, these places are a definite must. Comment below on which place you wouldn’t mind traveling to visit.

Tyrese addresses rumors he was kicked out of Dubai nightclub for getting at Kim K

The thing with gossip sites is, while undeniably entertaining, you just never know if they’re telling the truth or not. Smart people usually wait it out and check other more reputable sites before running with a story. However, far too many people are hypnotized by the sensationalism, fall for the clickbait, and spread the story […]

Breathtaking travel photos of Dubai

Imagine scrolling down your Instagram feed, coming across an image so breathtaking you want to book a flight now?  That is what this image of Dubai did for me. Dubai is the most populous of the seven emirates comprising United Arab Emirates. Many celebrities go there to vacation, like Will Smith and Maxwell whom were both recently there […]

Tyrese takes on Dubai with Maxwell and Will Smith

It’s always nice to see celebs hanging out and enjoying life together instead of beefing. Tyrese kicked off his birthday celebration and NYE in Dubai with Maxwell and is now joined by Will and Jada Smith with Vin Deisel on the way. The crew has been skydiving, soaking up some sun on the beaches and […]

Ciara Tweets Red Hot Bikini Photos

On a recent trip to Dubai, pop singer Ciara tweeted a photo of her goodies in a sexy red two-piece on the beach. Apparently Ciara missed the second installment of Sex  & the City, and is unaware of the Muslim dress code where the women wore less revealing burkinis. Nevertheless, she looked fabulous. Check out […]

Great Expectations: Best Hotels, Beaches and Night Life in Dubai

One of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai offers a great mixture of fine dining, exotic night life and cultural experiences, making it a perfect vacation destination. Here is a look at what vacationers can expect during a trip to Dubai. Hotels There are several exquisite hotels in Dubai that are havens for sumptuous luxury. The […]