People using EBT cards to buy marijuana at Colorado stores

Colorado officials are calling attention to a rising issue, the use of welfare cash at legal marijuana dispensaries. According to The National Review welfare recipients used their EBT cards 259 times during the first six months of legalization at places where marijuana is sold. A total of $23,608.53 was withdrawn at these establishments. However, some […]

Black mother arrested for trying to buy iPads with food stamps

A Louisville, Ky., mother is hungry for technology, literally. Tracy Browning, 38, was obviously confused when she presented her EBT food stamp card, to the cashier at the Valley Station Walmart as payment for several iPads. The transaction was declined and Browning fled from the store with the goods, but not before she assaulted the […]

EBT Card Use Banned for Liquor and Lap Dances

If you’re a recipient of public assistance and frequent liquor stores, strip clubs or both, whipping out your EBT card will be shunned and frowned upon for residents in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts State Senate announced it passed an amendment to its Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) assistance program over the Memorial Day holiday. The amendment was […]