Sustainability specialist Kindall Brantley shares the benefits of going green

Kindall Brantley is a sustainability specialist at AmplifiedAg, Inc. Brantley helps the business current with environmental regulations, tracking carbon emissions, monitoring water footprints, and implementing other environmental and social sustainability initiatives.  Brantley spoke with rolling out to discuss climate change and the benefits of going green. How does climate change affect our community? The impacts […]

Shaleeta Jones shares her Eco-lit candles on AM Wake-Up Call

Shaleeta Jones is the Co-Founder of Eco-Lit Candles Co. — a sustainable home décor brand that curates candles and room sprays. Jones is also the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of The Therapy Flow, LLC. — a cross-collaborative therapy practice providing in-home and teletherapy services, parent-guardian education, and academic support. She spoke with rolling out […]

Ethiopia breaks record in the global fight against climate change

Ethiopia has broken the world record for planting the most trees in a 12-hour span according to CNN. The Ethiopian people took on the tree planting challenge as a part of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s “Green Legacy” reforestation campaign. #GreenLegacy is a vision for the next generation. It is creating a blueprint for them […]

Discrimination of Compton’s children is a formula for a life of violence, disenfranchisement

An unprecedented class-action lawsuit is expected to be heard today in Los Angeles Superior Court against the Compton Unified School District. The lawsuit claims that the students in Compton, California, were subjected to traumatic and violent environments that caused significant mental trauma. This trauma manifested in a decreased ability to learn and adapt socially and […]