Why the NBA might let Kyrie Irving play in Brooklyn soon

On Feb. 16, New York City Mayor Eric Adams said he thinks the rule that doesn’t allow Kyrie Irving to play in home games because he’s not vaccinated is unfair because visiting players who are are not vaccinated can play. “First of all, I think the rule is unfair,” Adams told the New York Post. […]

New York Mayor Eric Adams insults essential workers

New York Mayor Eric Adams has been in his position for a little more than a week, and he’s already sowing discord. With the rise of COVID-19 cases, there have been questions about whether companies should wait to fully open until the end of winter, or possibly in April. Adams didn’t think that would benefit […]

Eric Adams appoints 1st Black woman to lead NYPD

The New York Police Department made history on Dec, 15, as mayor-elect Eric Adams announced that he appointed Nassau City chief of detectives Keechant Sewell to become the N.Y.P.D. Commissioner. This move makes Sewell the first woman to take the spot, and the third black commissioner in the department’s history. I ran for Mayor on […]

Eric Garner Jr. speaks out against NYC Black Lives Matter activist’s threats

Eric Adams, the mayor-elect of New York City, announced earlier this month that he would reinstitute plain clothes officers in New York to help police the city. The move has drawn some harsh criticism from Black Lives Matter activist Hawk Newsome. Adams and Newsome sat down for a meeting as well this month but after […]

New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams responds to BLM activist’s threats

Eric Adams, the mayor-elect of New York City, hasn’t even been sworn in yet and is facing a few problems head-on. Adams took some harsh criticism from Black Lives Matter activist Hawk Newsome who told the newly elected mayor that there would be “riots and bloodshed” if plainclothes policing is reinstituted in New York. Adams, […]

A victim of police brutality, Eric Adams became a cop to change system

Brooklyn, New York’s, former state senator and current borough president has a unique perspective on police relations with the Black community. When they were young teens, Eric Adams and his brother were so brutally beaten by vicious cops that their urine was filled with blood for a week. “Every time I saw a police vehicle, […]

Update: 3-year-old Jeida Torres beaten to death at New York homeless shelter

Kelsey Smith, 20, was officially charged with murder and assault for allegedly killing his stepdaughter Jeida Torres and injuring her brother Andrew, 5, last Saturday at the New York City Department of Homeless Services family shelter located at 38 Cooper St., in Bushwick, Brroklyn. On Sunday, Oct. 26, Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams joined state […]