Watch: The Erica Thomas Show

Tune in every Tuesday at 6 PM for The Erica Thomas Show as host Erica Thomas breaks down today’s top news and politics.

Watch: The Erica Thomas Show

Tune in every Tuesday at 6 PM for The Erica Thomas Show as host Erica Thomas breaks down today’s top news and politics.

Comedienne Erica Watson discusses the benefits of being a ‘Fat B’

The best comedians poke fun at the truth. They do it in a way that makes you laugh at reality but, once the laughing stops, their words sit with you, gently nudging you to examine your core beliefs and actions. Erica Watson’s built a career on poking fun at how big girls are viewed by the […]

Lil Scrappy to judge: I’m addicted to weed

Perhaps in an effort to curry favor with the judge or to lower his impending sentence — or even avoid prison altogether — reality TV firecracker Lil Scrappy laid himself before the courts and admitted that he has an addiction to marijuana. The rapper and star of the off-the-charts popular TV show “Love and Hip […]

Karlie Redd launches her hair extensions line, ‘Redd Line Hair’

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ star Karlie Redd, launched her new hair extensions line ‘Redd Line Hair’, with cast members of the highly televised series also in attendance. The launch was also filmed for the upcoming new season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  It has certainly had it’s share of drama during Karlie’s big night. […]

Why Do We Love ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?’

This is when you know you’re the “in thing” in urban America: K. Michelle of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” simply pours her curvaceous athletic frame into an enticing two-piece bikini and the images were relentlessly beamed out across the globe for a ravenous audience that can’t seem to get enough of anything related to […]

‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ Trivia

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” never let up off the gas as the season finale contained as much drama as the first one. So we the show takes a quick break before the reunion show airs, we take this time to challenge your knowledge on the show’s principle characters. Where did Stevie J discover Joseline? […]

Mimi Faust Debunks Joseline and Stevie J Engagement Rumor

Last week, the blogosphere was abuzz with rumors that “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s” most infamous cheater, Stevie J, had proposed to his mistress, Joseline Hernandez. Though Stevie has been mum on the matter, his longtime girlfriend, Mimi Faust, recently opened up to debunk the rumors. In a phone interview with TT Torrez of Power […]

‘Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’ Episode 3 Recap: 5 Best Moments

This week, on “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” K. Michelle struggles to earn her second chance in the music industry, while Erica struggles to make her second chance with Lil Scrappy work. Meanwhile, things go downhill for Joseline as news of her affair and pregnancy with Stevie J makes its way to Mimi. Find out all […]

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Episode 2 Recap: 6 Best Moments

This week, on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” Rasheeda and her husband struggle to make their next business move and Joseline and Karlie Redd bump heads again over Stevie J. Meanwhile, Stevie tries to get out of the dog house with Mimi while she tries to get into his wallet. And one of the ladies […]

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