Shereé Whitfield’s clothing line gets mixed reviews

Shereé Whitfield of Real Housewives of Atlanta recently launched her t-shirt and ‘athleisure’ clothing brand called She by Shereé, which sparked a good deal of discussion online. Although her site suddenly crashed due to the overload of traffic from the launch, individuals did not hesitate to add their opinion. #ShebySheree girl…good luck🤦🏽‍♀️🙄 #millichun #rhoa #nofashions […]

17 ways to wear headbands for naturalistas

Change up your natural hair by adding some style to it with some headbands. From flowers, feathers, and beaded headbands to printed fabrics, your look will get an instant upgrade with these accessories. A few brands that have some fresh and funky headbands are RHYLA, a fashion and accessories line for newborns plus. What’s so cute […]

Little Guy Tie – Sesame Street Cookie Monster

Fresh Squeezed Baby  made-to-order Little Guy Ties ($18) are too stinking cute. Pre-tied with velcro closure ensures that it is a user-friendly way for young boys to get their grown man look on. And by young, we mean infant to eight years old. Stunting like their daddies and President Obama, Little Guys Ties  can be added to […]

Killer fashion accessories that look like weapons

Bonnie & Clyde represent the ultimate power couple. Down to ride together, down to fight together, down to run from the law and hide together… romantic. The element of a little bit of challange in your love life is always a sexy factor. Just don’t get killed in the process.The violent side of art, love, […]

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