Colorism in not just a repugnant, revolting disease that afflicts the Black community here in America.

The jet-setting, continent-hopping rapper Ludacris and wife Eudoxie Bridges make it look easy. Feel free to be

It is December, which means rapper, philanthropist and businessman Ludacris is firing up his jet, punching

It's safe to say that Ludacris turned heads and raised eyebrows when he married his longtime

Eudoxie Fabiola Agnan, the 27-year-old daughter of Jermaine Agnan, is originally from Gabon, Africa. She moved

Ludacris and Eudoxie are engaged and happy or better yet, drunk in love. From the looks of

Last night Kevin Hart, Terrence J, Romany Malco, Lala Anthony and more stars came out to Atlantic Station

Rapper Ludacris counters baby mother's child support request by filing for full custody. We're not sure whether