How to clean your groceries (video)

As the global health crisis continues, certain places like the grocery store are unavoidable. For many people, the thought of venturing out of your home can bring major anxiety, which is why we encourage you to wear a face mask, wash your hands regularly, and practice social distancing. Following these simple procedures will lessen your […]

Healing a community 1 face mask at a time

Sharra Speer is a mother, creative, writer and self-proclaimed fashion priest who knows fashion is ministry. In early March 2020, Speer — the creator and “director of possibilities” of Xspeeriences Inc., a creative expressions suite based in Atlanta — was encouraged to lend her artistic talents to a world navigating the harsh realities of the […]

How to make a face mask without sewing

As we continue to battle the coronavirus, we have all been advised of the urgency to supply doctors, nurses and other hospital staff with essential personal protective equipment. But now, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Surgeon General have announced, their recommendation is for all Americans to wear cloth face masks […]

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