Breaking: Healthcare Bill pulled at Trump’s request! Obamacare survives

After weeks of negotiations to try to repeal Obamacare, the Republican-controlled Congress has pulled its controversial American Healthcare Act, presumably at the request of President Donald Trump. It is being reported by media outlet CNN that Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan spoke at 3 p.m. and the decision was made to pull […]

Famed Atlanta strip club Magic City embarrassed by health inspection

Strip clubs in Atlanta are among the most popular part of the late night scene. From beautiful women to the latest trap music, Atlanta has the best and Magic City is at the top of that list. But this past week an important warning was issued about the club. Magic City recently received a rating of […]

Fail: Mature Celebrities Who Should Dress Their Age — But Don’t

Celebrities hire the best stylists in the world to create the look that maintains an image. Sometimes, the star grows out of that image, and the stylist just doesn’t know it yet! Here then, are a few celebrities who need to wake up and dress their age. Style: Daisy Dukes  Halle Berry, 45, and Pamela […]

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