Bret Perkins, VP at Comcast, talks the keys to leadership

Bret Perkins, the vice president of external and government affairs for Comcast Corporation, works with national advocacy agencies that shape public policy, communication and technology. He is currently working with Comcast on Internet Essentials, a campaign designed to expose more minority and low-income residents to the Internet through special program offerings. Perkins sat down with […]

Comcast Corporate VP Bret Perkins enacts Internet essentials with his sons

Bret Perkins has taken his sons around the world – without ever leaving the house. Perkins, the vice president for external and governmental affairs for Comcast Corp., is continuing his intergenerational love of formal and informal education that was instilled in him by his parents. Using the information superhighway – the Worldwide Web – Perkins […]

Bret Perkins, VP of Comcast Corp., Leads ‘Internet Essentials’ to Close Digital Divide

Despite the wide proliferation of smartphones throughout the urban community — coupled with an inordinate number of minorities engaging in a plethora of social media platforms — a socioeconomic dilemma of considerable proportions is developing and expanding that has dire future consequences: the Great Digital Divide. Comcast Corporation launched a multi-pronged campaign to reverse this […]